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Transformative Tarot

Tarot is transformative for both the reader and the client. A good reading should cause you to pause and really think about the choices you are making, how the past has formed who you are, and what you need to…

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How Tarot Can Help

What to Expect From a Reading

Working together, you and I can explore the divination tool of Tarot to help unlock answers from your Higher Self.  I have 25+ years of experience in Wicca and Tarot. Tarot Readings and intuitive…

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What To Expect from Life Coaching

Our first life coaching session is free by phone or internet connection. We will talk about your interests and expectations in having a life coach, my methods and expectations, and decide if we want to move forward from there.



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Therapy or Life Coaching?

Do you need Therapy or Life Coaching?



Talk therapy is not just “talking about your problems” – it is also working toward solutions. Most of today’s talk therapy is focused on your current thoughts, feelings, and life issues.

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