About Me

Just a bit about me

So why choose me for your coach or tarot reader? Let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can decide if we are a good fit.  

My name is Wanda Harward. I am married and also mother to one offspring, who is an adult. 

Professionally, I have a degree in Social Work and Human Services from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I worked in Social Services for over 30 years, until my retirement in 2017. As a social worker, I worked with many people with a variety of needs. I worked with young adults who needed assistance with resources and direction to find training and employment to reduce or eliminate their need for public assistance. I worked with disabled and elderly adults and their caregivers to find resources and programs to help them to maintain their safety and independence. I worked with adults who needed assistance with accessing appropriate community services to help with meeting their most basic needs. I am comfortable working with people from many different backgrounds, lifestyles, identities, and religions due to my social work experience.

Regarding tarot:
I began studying tarot about 30 years ago. I began reading professionally in 2017 at the urging of my friends. I have read (and sometimes taught) tarot at The Bag Lady, Common Market Oakwold, Get Some Game, Carolina Renaissance Festival, The Geekery Market (formerly Muggles Market), Authors and Dragons Con, JeffCon/MACE, RavenCon, Con-Gregate, Providence Country Club, and many other public and private events. I have found that tarot can also be a good companion to life coaching, providing direction, guidance, and prompts for personal growth. In addition to tarot readings, I teach tarot in classes and to individuals.

For fun, I am a geek who attends scifi/gaming/fantasy conventions, does a little cosplay and Japanese fashion, plays games (online, card, TTRPG, and board games), reads books (science fiction and fantasy are my favorites), watches movies, and generally has a great time with my other geeky friends. I also volunteer with a local organization, The Charlotte Geeks, assisting with events as needed.

About “Finding The Key, LLC”

I began my business in response to encouragement from my friends. They were very enthusiastic about my tarot readings and my life coaching abilities. Having retired from working full time, I wanted to find a way to continue helping people while supplementing my income. That’s why I keep my rates so reasonable – it’s good to make money, but it’s way more important to help people live more fulfilling lives.

Finding The Key is a registered LLC with the state of North Carolina (#2521627).